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Ko te mātauranga te waka e kawe nei ngā wawata

"Education is the vehicle to realising our potential dreams"

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The Maurua Strategy is an integral part of the services of the Trust Board.

The Whakatōhea Māori Trust Board employed Anita Kurei-Paruru to enhance the Maurua Strategy in 2017. The purpose of the Maurua Strategy is to be the foundation for education within Whakatōhea. The team has completed a review and update of the Objectives and Goals within the Maurua Strategy.


The focus has been on implementing those Objectives and Goals. Some of the critical targets for 2018 have included the following

Early Childhood

Development of an ECE Kāhui Ako; implementation of learning around "Te Tapu o Muriwai"

Culture, Language and Identity

Tohekura – Te Kura Reo o te Whakatōhea; Whakatōhea cultural workshops; Komiti Whiriwhiri Hitori 

Primary School

Development of a year eight transition programme for students preparing for college; attending Kahui Ako Ōpōtiki; Ongoing updates to the Kāhui Ako 

Tertiary Education

Continued delivery of the Mauri Oho Programme preparing whānau for work; Y2Hub establishment; Relationship building and course implementation with other tertiary providers 

Secondary School

Better support of students with NCEA Levels; better provision of alternative education through Pouawhitia Services; Development of Whakatōhea Curriculum / Mātauranga-a-Iwi 

Te Puna o Tarawa Early Childhood Ōpōtiki Whakatōhea

Te Puna o Tarawa ECE in Ōpōtiki is a teacher-led, iwi-based learning and care centre for children up to five years. Most attending tamariki are Māori of Whakatōhea whakapapa. Te Whakatōhea Māori Trust Board provides governance. 


The rapunga whakaaro (philosophy) aims to guide the operations of Te Puna o Tarawa. By providing a welcoming environment where tamariki can learn at their own pace, surrounded by te ao Māori and quality learning opportunities.


Te Puna o Tarawa express the values through learning of Rangatiratanga (Taking ownership), Whanaungatanga (Relationship Builder), Matawhanui (We see the big picture), Manaakitanga (People matter), Kaitiakitanga (Guardianship/Stewardship).

The tamariki have opportunities to develop an understanding of their Tikanga and further their Whakatōheatanga knowledge within Ōpōtiki.

The service curriculum is inclusive and responsive to tamariki as learners. Whanaungatanga forms the foundations for learning. A range of resources and opportunities is provided to enhance tamariki learning and development. As a result, children are developing social competence.

Te Puna o Tarawa ECE Buchanan street also offers 20 ECE hours. 

If you have any inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact the centre for more information. 

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday 8.00am-4.00pm

Subsidised Hours 8.30am-2.30pm 

Physical Address

​20-24 Buchanan Street, Ōpōtiki

Contact us

Ph: 07 315 5967


Subsidised Hours are 8:30 am to 3:30 pm

Early Childhood
Youth to Education & Employment
Learn + Study + Support

Want to live your life and shape your future? Make a move to write your story within Ōpōtiki/Whakatōhea. Not sure what you want to do?

Y2 can offer a FREE 6 Month learning programme better-preparing Youth 15+24 Years who are no longer engaged in education or employment to:

  • Enter the workforce prepared

  • Job exploration

  • Training/Apprenticeships/Cadetships

  • NCEA LEVEL 2 to assist in Higher Education (Polytechnic/University/Wananga)

The Y2 program is flexible to student's numeracy and literacy needs and is tailor-made accordingly. Youth require operational planning towards their intended career pathway. The Y2 program will enable students to develop building blocks to reach their goals, learn life skills and celebrate success on their terms.

Our staff endeavour to assist and empower rangatahi to gain qualifications, experience, networks and contacts. Passion and drive combined will put our people, our youth, in a pivotal position to unleash their potential that needs to be activated.

Opening Hours

Monday to Thursday 9.00am-2.00pm

Physical Address

​115 Church Street Ōpōtiki, 3122

Contact us

Ph: 07 974 6055


Kaiako: Kahi Abraham

Youth Education

Initiated in 2014, Wharekawa offers a range of educational, cultural programmes to support Rangatahi through aspirational success.

Wharekawa aims to provide rangatahi with opportunities to succeed in all aspects of their lives. To be confident in kaupapa Māori and foster a sense of belonging through a positive holistic environment.

A positive and holistic environment for Māori education could look like achievement through a collaboration between schools, whānau and Iwi, and other community-integrated services. 

Te whare hei kawe i o moemoea, i o wawata hei poutikanga, poutokomanawa, pouwhakawhirinaki mo Whakatōhea.
To unleash one's dreams and beliefs through kaupapa Māori practices where rangatahi become rangatira in their rights.

“Kia rangatira ai nga uri o Whakatōhea”

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday 9.00am - 3.00pm

Physical Address

Apanui Road, Ōpōtiki

Contact us

Ph: 07 315 8645 EXT 701


Kaiako: Chloe Abraham

Administrator: Robyn Woods

Workforce Development Education & Training

Te Pou Oranga O Whakatohea Workforce development programmes are approved by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority under section 249 of the Education Act 1989, and the Te Pou Oranga O Whakatohea Workforce development is accredited to provide the programmes under section 250 of the Act. 

Work Force Development
Te Ara Tau

Te Ara tau-Pathway to well-being is an NZQA approved programme.

To improve your strengths, build on your beliefs and to find the motivation to fuel your aspirations and ambitions in life.


Training for Work

Join us for a 12-week programme to enhance your chances of work placement; this is open entry. We will show you:

  • Interview Skills

  • Creating a C.V

  • Pathway planning


Come and speak to us – we can develop a personalised programme to suit you and your needs. 
Opening Hours

Monday to Thursday 9.00am - 2.00pm

Physical Address

​122 St John Street, Ōpōtiki

Contact us

Ph: 07 315 8645 EXT 701


Kaiako: Karen Insley

Administrator: Robyn Woods

2 October 2013: NZQA is Confident in the educational performance of Whakatōhea Māori Trust Board Education and Training Unit T/A Te Wheke Atawhai Ltd

2 October 2013: NZQA is Confident in the capability in self-assessment of Whakatōhea Māori Trust Board Education and Training Unit T/A Te Wheke Atawhai Ltd

1 November 2021: NZQA is Highly Confident in the educational performance of the Whakatōhea Māori Trust Board NZQA is Highly Confident in the capability of self-assessment of Whakatōhea Māori Trust Board.

Ringa Raupa
Construction Programme
Level: 3
Credit Value: 60 
Ages: 18+
Duration: 30 Weeks


Over the last 13 months Whakatōhea has collaborated with multiple organisations; Ministry of Social Development, Kāinga Ora, Ōpōtiki College, Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment, BCITO, Ministry of Education, Bay of Plenty Futures Academy, Bay Trust and Ōpōtiki District Council to stand up a trade training site on Opotiki College whenua.  This initiative will provide a pre-apprenticeship training course for rangatahi who aspire to enter the building trade as apprentices.  


All our partner organisations are committed to the success of the Ringa Raupa programme providing ongoing support for rangatahi into local and regional employment as apprentices.  Through This project Te Pou Oranga o Whakatohea aspire to see excellent quality training and sustainable employment for our youth living in the Opotiki District and wider Eastern Bay of Plenty.    


Ringa Raupa is designed and encapsulated within a Māori context targeted towards those who are unemployed, under 30 years of age, residing in the Eastern Bay of Plenty willing to work, wanting to gain a qualification and the necessary skills required. 


Kāinga Ora have also supported this programme which allows the Ringa Raupa programme to build homes for social housing developments which will help address the current housing crisis our region is currently facing.  

The programme is also designed to accommodate 50 participants over a 2year period. 


Numbers into trade employment – at least 65% into Trade roles 

Numbers into trade apprenticeships – at least 50% into apprenticeships 


Ringa Raupa will create a training organisation across multiple sectors with a focus on Construction and Infra-structure.  


Whakatōhea are proud and acknowledge the opportunity to also work alongside Ōpōtiki College to provide programmes that allow the aspirations of our people to become a reality is something to be recognised. 

Opening Hours

Monday to Thursday 8.30am - 5.00pm

Physical Address

​Corner of Buchanan & Wellington Street

Contact us

Ph: 07 315 8645 EXT 701



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